Deedee’s Kitchen: 2018 Baking Challenge

IMG_4160It’s January 1, 2018 and I have just completed the December marathon of holiday cookie baking. At this point, I can’t count how many dozens of cookies I made, but I know I went through 8 lbs. of butter and over 4 lbs. of chocolate.

While baking in December, I had an awakening… I noticed my recipes come from a variety of internet websites. I often combine two or more, to get the exact confluence of taste, flavors and textures. However, I have shelves of coveted, many out-of-print, cookbooks.  I seldom pull these books off my shelves, because it’s too easy to find what I’m after on the web. This is a convergent approach to baking; knowing what I’m after and finding it quickly. What about a divergent approach? Divergent, meaning, what’s out there, and being open to many other possibilities.

This is where my curiosity intersects with my shelved cookbooks. What exactly is in those cookbooks? What goodies are available that have yet to be revealed? Like the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” and I’ve decided I want to know.

I’ve decided to challenge myself this year, finding out, by year’s end, the secrets that lie within these cookbooks. I piled 12 of my favorite cookbooks, not in any order, and decided I will bake at lease 2 recipes from each book, monthly. I am excited to add to my repertoire, increase my skill level and capacity as a baker. Besides my yield, each month I’ll report on the cookbook, its significance, author and any other noteworthy tidbits I feel might be of interest.

I hope you will follow and enjoy my 12-month challenge. Know that I will need taste-testers to provide feedback…so if you’re interested in the taste challenge feature of this adventure, please let me know!

Here are a few images from last month’s holiday baking…Enjoy!

Happy New Year to all!