About Me

Debbie Brandt was born and raised in suburban New York City. She, with her family, moved west to Washington State, as a high schooler. She completed her high school education in Richland, Washington and then moved to Seattle to attend college. She is proud University of Washington graduate (Woof!) graduating from the School of Education. The majority of her work in education has been teaching and supporting the learning needs of elementary gifted children. Currently she is a curriculum leader and professional development trainer in Bellevue, WA.


Debbie has been a baker since the age of 8, when she would turn her mother’s kitchen upside down (never closing cabinet doors or cleaning up), to turn out a few dozen delicious chocolate chip or sugar cookies.


She credits the following three people in the endeavor of Deedee’s Kitchen:

  • He mother, Nelly Sofer, who taught her the way around the kitchen, and with the development of a discretionary palate (“Not the orange French dressing?!”).


  • Her adult son, Michael Brandt, for encouraging her to step outside of her comfort zone, with an entrepreneurial spirit


  • And lastly, to her granddaughter Talia, who named her Deedee!